Time Management

"Clock the right time with KompassHR's Time management feature"

        Time management is a feature that manages employees' time, provides flexible scheduling options, and helps configure custom requirements based on local statutory policies. The intuitive and user-friendly interface ensures effective time measurement and efficient employee management


1. Flexible Scheduling

        The solution is capable of creating customized schedules for a widely dispersed workforce. Create default schedules or assign rules for different shifts as per your organization’s Time & Attendance policies and the system provide adequate insights. Create fixed, flexible, and rotational shifts to cover all the working scenarios and offer great flexibility to your employees.

2. Multiple Time Capture

        KompassHR easily integrates with several leading third-party time-capturing solutions including access cards, biometric solutions, face recognition solutions, manual remote clock-in and can further capture GPS-based attendance mobile applications.

3. Timesheet Functionality

        KompassHR has an inbuilt timesheet feature that allows your employees to track and record their productive hours at the task level. This feature is helpful for organizations with a distributed and hybrid workforce. Managers can easily monitor and measure employees’ working hours, accruals, Leaves, and adjustments for processing payroll. They can access a complete report and analysis of employees’ overall productivity and efficiency.

4. Compliant Configurations

        Create customized attendance policies per your organizational needs. Create individual configurations for each attendance shift, with options to define attendance cycles, mark-in/out rules, leave deductions, and optional holidays. KompassHR will help you stay compliant with labor laws by applying overtime policies as required by the organization and native laws.

  • Biometric Integration
  • In / Out punch missing adjustment
  • Auto log download
  • Log Verification
  • Attendance Analysis
  • Roster Management
  • Rule-based Attendance
  • Outdoor management

Absence Management

"Employee attendance is critical to the success of your organization, manage it effectively with KompassHR"

        Employee Absence is equivalent to lose time and revenue. The ability to track, predict and report absences has a direct impact on organizational cost-saving capability. The Absence management feature in KompassHR solves all absence management requirements and pain points across organizations. With innovative approaches to absence management, KompassHR addresses all tracking, workflow, notifications, and reporting & analytics needs of today’s dynamic workforce. Insightful dynamic dashboards enable organizations to drive high user adoption and in turn a healthy ROI.


1. Control of leave balances

        Ensure that your employee’s paid time-off balances are kept up to date with automated leave accruals, balance resets, and manual adjustments. Allow a controlled or flexible work environment by enabling work restriction rules as per your company's leave policies. Get proactive notifications and alerts to help assess the payroll impact caused by employee absence.

2. Resource management and visibility

        Peer visibility helps employees to plan their paid time off based on cross teams availability. This feature also helps managers better plan project deliveries and other important tasks per group can be configured based on different work requirements. Absence management can help in anticipating lean staff requirements beforehand to ensure the seamless delivery of projects across different work groups.

3. Manage Global Policies

        KompassHR's flexible absence management allows organizations to support all possible leave policies. Identification of different work groups and auto allocation of relevant policies and leave rules is now possible, enabling countless scenarios to be addressed through a single system.

4. App for Mobility

        Employees who are not able to physically come to the office would no longer be required to call their managers or draft an email. KompassHR comes with a mobile interface that allows employees to inform their absence on the go.