An Efficient workplace starts with the right Tech

        The Facility Industry has seen tremendous change and automation in the past few years. The Covid-19 pandemic had a striking impact on the way this industry functions and continues to pose challenges as well as demand better flexibility and adaptability to the new ways of working.

        The players in the facility space are gearing up for a shift towards creating technology driven platforms, new business models, competitive disruption and creating new service offerings. They are adopting a customer centric approach with several transformation initiatives.

        This trend is the driving force for us to become a single point solution to cater to the requirements of hard and soft facility services companies. Our Integrated Facility Management Solution is based on years of research and thoughtful considerations of customer requirements, helping them dominate in the industry.

ProbusFMS is an end-to-end facility Management Software that simplifies complex operations, improves efficiency and aids cost optimization

Explore our Integrated facility Management solution for efficient workplace management

Explore our FMS Modules in Detail

  1. Employee joining kit
  2. Statutory Set Up
  3. Attendance Set Up
  4. Document Repository
  5. ESS Portal
  6. Employee Details
  7. CTC Details
  8. CTC Set Up
  9. Branch Mapping
  10. Bank Details
  11. Reporting Managers
  12. Asset Inventory
  13. Qualification Set Up

  1. Online request for appointment & pre-registration for groups and individuals
  2. Today’s appointment and expected visitors
  3. Visitor photo & signature capture, items carried in/out & returnable item tracking
  4. Visitor History Tracking
  5. Real time Report
  6. Blacklisted Visitor
  7. Face Capture Integration
  8. MS Exchange/Outlook Integration for appointments Calendar
  9. Multiple gate pass approval
  10. Central Implementation to Monitor Sites across geographies
  11. Email/SMS Notifications
  12. Inter Department Visitor Management

  1. Vendor management
  2. Purchase Order
  3. Purchase Request Analysis
  4. Inventory Inward & Stocks
  5. Billable Inventory Allocation
  6. Employee Asset Management
  7. Stores Inventory Management
  8. MIS & Reports

  1. Site Events
  2. Uniform Requests
  3. Incident register/tracking
  4. Performance tracking
  5. Attendance management
  6. Leave Management
  7. Exit Management
  8. Inventory Requests
  9. Fines & Deductions
  10. Rewards & Recognition Records
  11. Training Records and Tracking
  12. Site Transfer
  13. Site Activity Checklist
  14. Site shortage register
  15. Geo Location based visits
  16. Exclusive access
  17. Single platform for all filed force

  1. KRA setting
  2. Performance Tests
  3. Performance tracking as per checklist
  4. Site Assessment
  5. Client Reporting

  1. Auto calculation of Duties
  2. Inventory Billing
  3. Manpower Billing
  4. Proforma Invoice
  5. Tax Invoice
  6. Green Copy

  1. Site Attendance Monitoring
  2. Invoice tracking
  3. Manpower downsizing requests
  4. Additional Manpower Requests
  5. Generate Queries
  6. Attendance approval
  7. Reports

  1. Current Openings visibility
  2. Resource Requisition
  3. Interview Schedule and Interviews calendar
  4. Appointment letter and Offer letter Generation
  5. KYC Documents
  6. Bank Account letters
  7. Full & Final and relieving

  1. Biometric Integration
  2. Log verification
  3. Outdoor management
  4. Roster Management
  5. Auto Log Download
  6. In/Out Punch missing Adjustments
  7. WOP Adjustment
  8. Attendance analysis
  9. Rule based attendance

  1. Opening balances - Salary, Leaves etc
  2. Leave requests & Approvals
  3. Biometric Management
  4. Outdoor Leave management
  5. Leave encashment
  6. Leave swapping

  1. Payout report
  2. Salary hold and partial salary options
  3. Advance Salary Management
  4. Bank upload file
  5. Payroll generation
  6. Other Earnings and Deductions
  7. Loan management
  8. TDS Deductions
  9. Pay Register

  1. HR Policies
  2. Event Documents
  3. KYC Uploads
  4. Notes management

  1. Management Reports
  2. Employment and Work profiles
  3. Customized Dashboards

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