IT Consulting

        Businesses rely heavily on IT consulting to cope with the changing IT landscapes. IT consultants are an important part of the IT strategy. Be it a one-time project or on-going advice and guidance, you can depend on Probus to leverage our expertise to improve business performance.

What IT services does Probus Offer?

IT Strategy and Planning

        Helping you to invest in the right technology and prepare you for your current and future business needs is what we do. Our consultants help you carefully chart a plan aligned with your short-term and long-term goals.

IT Budgeting and Assessment

        The IT budget is a crucial component of your IT strategy. An end-to-end IT strategy devised with an optimized budget will help you extract the right ROI on your investments.

        Our consultants will work closely to analyse the efficiency of your existing assets and resources, the cost involved in new tech procurements and other peripheral costs and carefully recommend a plan that delivers the most value to your organization.

Security Risk Assessment

        Probus conducts a detailed Cyber Security assessment to identify risk levels and devise a mitigation plan to address and eliminate vulnerabilities and threats.

        We help you develop a risk management process tailored to your company's needs. Risk identification, Risk profile creation, Asset mapping, and prioritization, Mitigation plan, Vulnerability prevention, and continuous monitoring all these aspects are carefully covered as part of our Risk assessment and prevention strategy.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

        Disaster recovery and Business continuity have become more essential than ever before. Loss of data means lost emails, lost files, lost customer critical data, and ultimately loss of revenue.

        A thoughtful BCP and DR plan aligned with regulatory compliances and Customer Mandates is what Probus helps you with.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

        The IT Governance framework helps you align your IT with business objectives and helps you make informed decisions to mitigate risks and prevent your business from reputational and financial losses.

        With our GRC practices and tools, we help businesses perform and integrate Governance, Risk management, and compliance processes more effectively. We help you anticipate what is ahead and Improve business performance, thereby keeping you ahead of the curve always!