Probus partners with BVG India Ltd in their Digital Transformation journey


Bharat Vikas Group(BVG) is one of India’s largest integrated services management company employing more than 56000 people across the country.

BVG operates in facility management, emergency response services, solid waste management, and special projects, servicing 25 states and over 110 cities across India. BVG has an incredible vision of contributing to India’s overall growth and progress by directly impacting the lives of 10 million people by 2030.

To fulfill such a massive vision BVG relied on its people, processes, and technology. They worked with top consulting firms and deployed standard systems, but there still was a need for an end-to-end strategy that will provide the required technology boost across the organization to deliver the aspired results. There was a need to adopt futuristic technologies to augment the current processes and pave the way forward to meet future business requirements.

With this in mind, BVG partnered with Probus in July 2021 as an end-to-end Digital partner.

Probus undertook a detailed analysis of existing systems and technologies deployed at BVG. Strategies and recommendations made by the consulting firm were considered, processes were revisited, and based on the analysis a Digital-first strategy was put forth.

Under this strategy, existing systems were optimized, and obsolete and irrelevant systems were replaced with high-performing technically advanced systems. All manual processes like were automated. Third-party applications were integrated wherever necessary. Probus also developed custom software like to provide end-to-end solutions. Advanced applications were developed using data analytics and BI to capture crucial data. Based on the insights provided by these applications, a lot of changes were made to optimize the current processes for transparency, accuracy, and informed decision-making.

After successfully transforming the base processes Probus also undertook other courageous projects that BVG envisioned. The expert team of consultants from Probus is working towards translating BVG’s visionary projects into technically advanced software applications.

Probus team is closely working on BVG Next – a futuristic concept that leverages AI technologies to create AI-enabled and Digitally empowered organizations of the future.

Probus is a preferred partner to BVG and serves all BVG entities like BVG House, BVG Agro tech, BVG Life Sciences, and BVG Clean Energy in all their IT requirements.