Driving efficiency through transformation

        Manufacturing Industry is constantly evolving- presenting new challenges to manufacturers every day. Customer preferences and changing, they are demanding convenience, quality and optimised cost. Supply chains have become global and more complex, employees expect flexibility, connected ecosystem and access to modern day technology solutions.

       Transformation is the only way forward for manufacturers to maximize revenue, reduce costs, improve quality and increase flexibility to remain competitive.

        Digital transformation in manufacturing starts with having a robust yet flexible Enterprise management System that forms the digital backbone of the organization. An ERP that not only supports transformation, but also caters to the unique requirements of a particular manufacturing process is must.

        Probus EMS is an integrated ERP system that helps you automate processes right from scheduling operations to staging of raw materials to finished goods on the shop floor. A robust system that provides a unified view of the production value chain, visibility on various processes and inventory situations, data insights to highlight production cycle issues and other insights for proactive maintenance.

        More than 75 customers are using Probus EMS to manage their operations better, reduce time to market, increase flexibility and to improve quality of production to achieve efficiency and profitability.

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