“A smart solution for the modern workforce”

Kompass HR

Kompass HR is an integrated HRMS and Payroll software that caters to all the requirements of your HR department. It helps you create a flexible, efficient, and agile HR function while offering valuable employee experiences and insights all in a single platform.

  • Employee Management
  • Time & Attandance management
  • Payroll Processing
  • Statutory compliance
  • Performance Management
  • Expenses Management
  • Document Management
  • ESS portal

Our Implementation Strategy


HRMS implementation starts with a careful planning phase where Probus consultants collaborate and work together with the Client’s critical HRMS stakeholders to get them onboarded with the new system and acquire data and other inputs from every source for quick data migration.

System Preparation & Data Check

This is a crucial phase in the entire implementation process. We along with the client’s HR department collect master data across the organization, prepare master templates, payroll, time and attendance formats, and leave management templates as per the organization's leave policy and ESS portals are defined.

Other critical data for interviewing & onboarding, learning and development, performance management, and report formats are also set in this phase.

We also work with the client’s IT team to migrate data in relevant IT formats to HRMS software and share access rights as per defined by the organization.

Development of Customizations

KompassHR is a proven system which has evolved over the years considering inputs and feedback from our customers. We have developed an exhaustive and integrated system that caters to your end-to-end HR and Payroll needs.

Having said that, we also understand business-specific requirements and work with our clients to custom-develop features specific to their requirements.

Deployment of Standard Modules

After customizations are identified and developed, we deploy standard modules of KompassHR.

In the case of any legacy systems, the data transfer from the legacy system to KompassHR is carried out in this phase.

UAT and Sign-Off

We undertake functional testing as well as user testing where representative groups from client organizations test the system to the limits of its capacity.

In the case of the new implementation, for certain capabilities where there are no benchmarks, we try to collaborate with a larger audience to see if wider business goals are achieved.

Other aspects such as integration with third-party business intelligence systems, and parallel running with existing systems (in case of payroll) are also conducted in this phase. The system is checked on accuracy aspects and performance parameters.

User Training

Poor user adoption can result in I failure of the HRMS project. We, therefore, provide exhaustive online / hybrid user training to onboard users and introduce them to the features and capabilities of the new system.

We also put together training material and content like help files, and module videos, FAQ’s to help users adapt to the new system.

Go Live and Handover

At the time of Go-Live, the user’s first experience is our priority. We plan the Go-live date with a thoughtful consideration of system readiness, user readiness, and every other factor important from an organization’s standpoint that can influence the successful go-live.

We make sure that a variety of supports are available like process guides, automated notifications and reminders on key tasks, super users, IT and technical support, etc. to make a successful go-live.

Post-go-live support and measuring project success

We believe that implementation does not end with configuration, but it is a continuous process of reviewing the challenges and resolving them to fulfill the purpose of HRMS.

The important analysis is conducted like,

  • Are features performing as expected ?
  • Are glitches and bugs fixed within the desired timeframe's ?
  • Are SLAs met timely ?
  • Is the system performing optimally with other integrated databases and systems as expected?

Based on the above, corrective actions are taken to provide 100% uptime and support.

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