Transforming the MSME industry for a Digital future

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Digital Transformation has become a necessity for businesses of all sizes to stay relevant and competitive in today’s ever-evolving business environment. However, for medium-scale enterprises with limited budgets and resources, this is an uphill task. But, digitization doesn’t always need to be complex or cost a fortune and it can surely deliver value with simplicity.

Instead of extensive digital overhaul, SME owners can look at taking small incremental steps toward automating critical business processes and gradually implementing the transformation initiatives at scale and mature along the journey.

While implementing a transformation strategy SMEs should focus on tech changes that help them to respond to changing customer behavior, provide better transparency & enable informed decision making, and foster collaboration within departments & teams.

We have observed that business owners are fully convinced about Digital and they are also sensing Digital as an opportunity for growth and innovation, however there is no specific framework to tell them how and where to start.

Choosing the right technology partner who not only understands the company's needs, but timely consults SMEs adopting the right strategy is important.

Probus with its experience team helps SMEs to chalk out the right strategy based on their requirements after careful analysis of business pain points, maturity of internal stakeholders, business requirements, etc. and align it towards the overall organizational goals. The focus is to solve the business critical challenges first and then gradually plan for wishful changes.

While the avenues for transformation for SMEs are many, a focused approach is what will make the adoption effective. Probus has a grounds up Digital strategy for small and medium-scale companies which includes,

1. Online Presence:
  • Website
  • E-commerce
  • Online store

2. Cloud Solutions:
  • CRM
  • Team Collaboration
  • ERP
  • Cloud Apps
3. Data Tracking & Monitoring
  • MIS & Reporting
  • Access to data and Knowledge Repository
  • Dashboards and apps for easy tracking

4. Social Media
  • CRM
  • Team Collaboration
  • ERP
  • Cloud Apps

Transformation for SMEs is not easy. It happens only when organizations are open to new opportunities and experimentation. Organizations should be flexible to think small and experiment, have a focus on data related to performance and ROI, empower employees to drive transformation initiatives, and create internal champions that propel change and help its adoption across the organization.

Partners can help and support at every stage, but change must come from within and the company leadership should advocate it.

Probus has engaged with organizations at different levels of digital maturity and supported unique requirements at all stages.

Our tailored consulting approach will ensure the right Digital Transformation strategy for SMEs based on their needs and aspirations.